Most people have forgotten how to breathe properly; their breath is far too shallow. Your breath is the gateway to your subconscious. Whenever you feel under pressure or stressed out, take a break for a minute and take a few deep breaths.

Drink enough fluids, by which I don’t mean alcohol. Still mineral water is your best friend. Most of your body is composed of water, and it is an important information mediator.

There is a reason why they say ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. We are spiritual creatures living in physical bodies. In other words, your body is the temple of your soul. Exercise will help you keep your body fit and will positively affect your emotions.

Eat healthily
You are what you eat. Whether you like it or not, food affects your mind. A healthy and modest diet including meals at regular intervals will give you the energy you need to achieve ambitious goals.

If you learn how to relax and recharge your batteries, it will prove easier for you to put your mind in the ‘alpha’ state where you can draw inspiration. You might have experienced a moment when a sparking idea crossed your mind in the shower, bathroom, on a walk, or while you were relaxing.

Use Intuition
Use the gift of intuition and develop your ability to listen to and follow your inner voice. You will be rewarded with the benefits of synchronicity.

Love yourself
You often do a lot for people you love, but it’s equally important to be loving towards yourself. There is a big difference between selfishness and self-love.

Devote the first hour of the day to yourself
Arrange a meeting with ‘yourself’. Book an hour in the morning in your day planner and spend it working on yourself: strategic planning of your goals, visualisations, meditation, reading…

Work on your priorities
Every day, do the most important task first thing in the morning, and don’t let others interrupt you until you’ve finished. Some people spend far too much time working on other people’s agendas and end up making no progress climbing up their life-goals ladder.

Just do it!
Some people don’t start doing something until they can do it perfectly. As a result, they may never set about doing activities, which are actually critical for them. Doing the right things is more important than doing things right.

Never give up!
If you can see your mission clearly, you will perceive obstacles as challenges for your personal and professional growth. If you are courageous enough to step outside your comfort zone, to never give up your dream, and to take steps to fulfill it every day, you will eventually achieve what you desire, becoming an inspirational role model for others. The world needs inspirational women like you!


  • Renata Angelo, speaker, coach, author